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There is a short checkout procedure all members must undergo before starting to use the 3D printers. It can be tailored to be quick, if you're experienced, or to be more in-depth if you're a novice.

Our main 3D printer is a Prusa i3. We also have a Monoprice Select Mini, kindly on loan from Adam.

Our new printer is a Prusa MK3. Prusa MK3 Usage Instructions to follow.

The user manual is in the Documents\3dprints folder on the laptop next to the laser cutter and this printer.

A Raspberry Pi 3 has been added to run Octoprint, so you can monitor and control your job remotely. Instructions here: Prusa Octoprint Instructions.

Printing supplies

Eurekatec is a friendly local suppier (5 minutes drive from the Space in Lr. Sackville) who stock filament.

If you have done a substantial amount of printing, you should contribute to our inventory of filament. Ask in the google group for what we are short of, and get that.

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