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It's a Google Form.

If you have been trained to act as a 3d print manager, you can work on the submitted prints on the resulting Google Sheet.

Discuss improvements here:

  1. Add a column to the form guaranteeing that your submission is safe for overnight printing.
  2. Add buttons to the sheet to set start time and finish time
  3. Typical spreadsheet scenario.
    1. The current design is low maintenance, except for the gory details of the QueueSubmission macro. We need to resist adding to that macro until it is unusable
    2. does not require our own server
    3. can be maintained and improved by any number of collaborative developers
  4. Any security risk?
    1. should be able to keep your identity out of the form. For example, have a contact list only local in the Smelly Room, and use an alias listed there in the Google Form.
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