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 It's a [[https://​​forms/​d/​e/​1FAIpQLSfPA2lzZJO1DwBxgIp9LIYqEL8ldp_Ivca4IiosJWc6YTk08w/​viewform?​usp=sf_link|Google Form]]. It's a [[https://​​forms/​d/​e/​1FAIpQLSfPA2lzZJO1DwBxgIp9LIYqEL8ldp_Ivca4IiosJWc6YTk08w/​viewform?​usp=sf_link|Google Form]].
 +If you have been trained to act as a 3d print manager, you can work on the submitted prints on the resulting [[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1jXclOrPKY3e6bmMaRW11lTlwzy12Ibc6lU5VadCIYQs/​edit#​gid=1332407126|Google Sheet]].
 +Discuss improvements here:
 +  - Add a column to the form guaranteeing that your submission is safe for overnight printing.
 +  - Add buttons to the sheet to set start time and finish time
 +  - Typical spreadsheet scenario.
 +    - The current design is low maintenance,​ except for the gory details of the QueueSubmission macro. We need to resist adding to that macro until it is unusable
 +    - does not require our own server
 +    - can be maintained and improved by any number of collaborative developers ​
 +  - Any security risk?
 +    - should be able to keep your identity out of the form. For example, have a contact list only local in the Smelly Room, and use an alias listed there in the Google Form.  ​
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