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There is a short checkout procedure all members must undergo before starting to use the 3D printers. It can be tailored to be quick, if you're experienced, or to be more in-depth if you're a novice.

Our main 3D printer is a Prusa i3 MK3. We also have a Monoprice Select Mini.

Prusa MK3 Usage Instructions are being developed.

The user manual is in the Documents\3dprints folder on the laptop next to the laser cutter and this printer.

A Raspberry Pi 3 has been added to run Octoprint, so you can monitor and control your job remotely. Instructions here: Prusa Octoprint Instructions.

Printing supplies

Eurekatec is a friendly local supplier (5 minutes drive from the Space in Lr. Sackville) who stock filament. Mohammed is now making his own filament from high quality raw material specifically engineered for 2d printing.

If you have done a substantial amount of printing, you should contribute to our inventory of filament. Ask in the google group for what we are short of, and get that.

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