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Try this the TrialPrintSubmittal form to put your job on the queue of prints.

I am proposing a Google Form as a way to make our use of the Prusa printer fairer and more efficient. There are lots of advantages to the process below. I expect it will change from what I have envisioned, but we can come up with something which is a significant improvement.

Discuss here.

Here's how I see it working:

  1. model your print
  2. optionally, slice it using the Prusa slicer you have installed on your own computer, or on the smelly room PC. Upload it to the Octoprint server using Telegram's file upload capability, or park it in Google drive, or attach it in this group. Include the STL file, if you want to be able to jump in with another submission in a combo job.
  3. As the Print Owner, submit your print to the job queue using the TrialPrintSubmittal. Provide all the information necessary for someone else to run your job.
  4. As the Print Starter, you, or someone else goes to the Google Sheet behind the form to actually queue the job. (Please do not modify the Sheet column layout and header rows. The macro depends on things being where they are.) Only carry on from here as the Print Starter if you are in the smelly room. We may limit access to the Sheet to people who have been certified for use of the Prusa.
  5. Review the submissions and push the “Add to queue” button. The button runs a Sheet macro, which copies the oldest outstanding submission to the Queue sheet.
  6. your focus should have moved to the queue sheet
  7. fill in the rest of the information on this sheet, associated with actually starting the print. As the Print Starter:
    • Unordered List Item Unordered List Item- you may be able to combine multiple jobs in one print session, if the owners have provided STL files and the printer has room (great for overnight jobs)
    • you may choose to rearrange the queue, depending on job length, material, or in response to some other comment the submitter put in Notes
    • you may be kind enough to slice a modeled-only submission and get it in the next job with some other compatible submissions
  8. remove any completed job from the printer, and fill in its completion details in the sheet. optionally, inform the Print owners that their prints are done.
  9. start the next job in the queue, and fill in the start time and estimated completion

Submitting a job means you agree to monitor it remotely. This means you will have to provide contact information in the “Your Name” field, in this Google Group, or somewhere where we are guaranteed someone is watching unattended jobs. It is the responsibility of the Print Owner to monitor a running job, not the Print Starter, unless the two of you have agreed otherwise. This likely means you have signed up for and configured Telegram to work with Octoprint. This is a bit of a grey area. If you think your print is low risk, overnight printing is acceptable. If you think it may fail, Note that is is higher risk and ask for supervised printing. I may add to the form: “Is your job safe for overnight?”

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