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Procedures and ByLaws


In the event of an emergency, please deal with it and let a director know what happened as soon as it's safe to do so. There will be a list of emergency contact by the phone.

  • There is a red landline phone in the space. If there's an emergency worthy of it, call 911. Our address is 275 Rocky Lake Dr., unit 19.
  • In case of a fire, the exit is through the front of the building.
  • There is a large fire extinguisher on the wall near the front door. There is a smaller one just outside the woodshop.
  • There is emergency lighting in the hallway and bathroom.
  • There is a small first aid kit in the woodshop, hanging beside the door.
  • There is a cutoff for each sink under the sink itself.


The directors and members are responsible for the smooth(ish) running of the space. The more reliably we follow our procedures, the smoother it will run. If you have a question or concern, please contact a director.


Nobody is to modify or experiment with our security systems, locks, or server unless it's been explicitly approved by the board. If you want a sandbox system to experiment with re: security vulnerabilities, ask around and there might be some stuff you can have.


Paper towel, cleaning supplies, printer toner, etc. run out. If you notice we're out of something, put it on the shopping list on the clipboard in the front room and tell a director. If it's not obvious why we'd need it, put a note by it with an explanation (like “4 AAA batteries for wireless doorbell”).

If you use “a lot” of glue, solder, screws, sandpaper, or other consumables, (or if you cut through a nail and dull a saw blade) please replace them, or put it on the clipboard shopping list and put enough money in the kitchen piggy bank to cover it. If you use half of a $16 bottle of glue, put $8 in the piggy bank. If you use half a dozen wood screws, don't worry about it. We encourage members to bring their own consumables for sizable projects, but aim to have enough consumables around that members have them at hand when they're required. We don't want to nickel and dime our members.

Label Your Stuff

Wherever possible, label your stuff and keep it in your own storage area.


The fridge is stocked with water and pop. Please pay the piggy if you take something. If you bring in your own fridgables, please label them with your name and date, and remember to be courteous with fridge space. It's a small fridge. We will clean out the fridge from time to time. We will try to give notice


At a minimum, if you make a mess, clean it up. Leave our workspaces at least as clean as you find them. Put tools back where they go.

Things like cleaning bathrooms and areas that get dirty gradually are always contentious in shared spaces like ours, so we'll have to figure this out as we go along.

Garbage and Recycling

Bins are at the back of the building for garbage, recycling, and cardboard. If you see one of these need taken out, please do it and replace the bags (located in the kitchenette). Make sure you close the bin lids.


There tends to be ample free parking spots, especially evenings and weekends.


Please be courteous with internet use. We have Eastlink service, 50 down/5 up. This is good enough for most of our uses most of the time, but it ain't blazing. If a member is skyping, etc. please don't stream Netflix.

NEVER torrent anything illegally at the Makerspace. We do NOT want to deal with letters from our ISP.

The wifi password is written down somewhere in the space. Ask someone where it is. Please do not share our wifi password with non-members.


There is a red landline phone in the space. If it rings, feel free to answer it. Feel free to use it to call local numbers. Do not make long distance calls. The phone number is 902-407-0206.


Halifax Makerspace Society is a non-profit, registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks. Our Bylaws

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