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We are always on the lookout for more tools and materials, but our space is also limited. Before you donate something, please check the lists below. If what you want to donate isn't listed, please send us an email at or talk to a director in person.



  • oscilloscope in the MHz range
  • logic analyzer
  • photo scanner (letter/A4 size at least)
  • lathe
  • planer
  • jointer
  • oscillating spindle sander
  • floor model drill press
  • drill press vise
  • another hand drill
  • leatherworking tools
  • mallet(s)
  • chisels of varying sizes
  • stud finder
  • pop rivet gun
  • forceps
  • tachometer
  • table saw blade angle reader
  • Widlar-izer


  • Forstner drill bits
  • plug cutters
  • countersink bits
  • lithium ion cordless tools/batteries/chargers
  • Roomba battery replacement
  • self-healing cutting mats
  • heat resistant mats for soldering

Equipment / accoutrements / fittings

  • metal ducting
  • heat recovery ventilator
  • 8“ exhaust fan
  • safety flooring tape (zoning)
  • Eyewash station (secondary or primary)


  • shelving / storage

Almost never want

You can check with us on these but generally these are not valuable enough to justify the space they take up.

  • Books
  • Magazines

Do not want

  • CRT monitors
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