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Where can I get Arduinos/Raspberry Pis/electronic components in Halifax?

There isn't a lot of selection for electronics in Halifax. Local options are: Jentronics, RAE Electronics and the Discovery Centre gift shop. But generally, most hobbyists buy from online sites like Aliexpress, Adafruit, or eBay. Online options typically take a lot longer, of course, but are cheaper and have a wider selection. Another option is to ask our Google Group. Typically, electronics hobbyists buy extras and tend to be generous with them. Often you'll be able to borrow a part from a local until an online part arrives.

Where can I get specialty wood in Halifax?

Your best best for specialty wood is East Coast Specialty Hardwoods, Halifax Specialty Hardwoods, or Lee Valley for smaller projects.

Where can I get plastics in Halifax?

Your best bets would be Piedmont, EM Plastics, or Sabic.

Where can I get specialty fasteners in Halifax?

Your best best would be Fastenal or Trans-World.

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