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How to Drain the Compressor

Laser Cutter Compressor

Ideally, the laser cutter's air compressor should be drained every day it's used. We should aim for at least weekly. It's located in the storage room.

  1. turn compressor off
  2. drain air from the compressor if the tank is charged (you can either turn on the air assist on the laser, or for faster results, push the blow gun from the woodshop into the compressor's empty quick connect and hold a rag or paper towel over it).
  3. if it has any water in it, unscrew and empty the pop bottle that's attached to the underside of the compressor, then replace it
  4. open the drain valve beside the pop bottle under the air compressor, a little at first, then more as the water is drained and pressure continues to drop.
  5. close the drain valve
  6. empty and replace the pop bottle
  7. update the “last drained” date written on the compressor

Woodshop "Pancake" Compressor


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