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-* 20+ active GPS antenna similar to: https://​​item/​32db-High-Gain-CIROCOMM-GPS-Active-Built-in-Ceramic-Patch-Antenna-35-35-6mm/​32371561407.html +Here is a random list of valuable junk, which we will either ebay, or use internally. If you find a use for some of this, a donation in the cash box is suggested. 
-* infinite supply of brushless motor electronic speed controllers + 
-* a dozen Xbee Pro transceiver modems+  ​* 20+ [[https://​​item/​32db-High-Gain-CIROCOMM-GPS-Active-Built-in-Ceramic-Patch-Antenna-35-35-6mm/​32371561407.html|active GPS antenna]] 
 +  * infinite supply of brushless motor electronic speed controllers 
 +  * a dozen Xbee Pro transceiver modems 
 +  * 20 autoquad [[http://​​|flight controller boards]] 
 +  * large collection of [[http://​​manual/​Telemetry-Radio-V3-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf | 915 MHz transceiver pairs]]
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