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 +====== How it works ======
 +A laser constantly shines on a [[https://​​wiki/​Photoresistor|photoresistor]]. ​ The Arduino constantly reads the voltage from a voltage divider made from a photoresistor and a 20k resistor. ​ When a person interrupts the laser beam, the resistance of the photoresistor drops. The Arduino detects this as a change in voltage and sends a signal to the servo to change positions, releasing a rubber band.
 ====== Wiring Diagram ====== ====== Wiring Diagram ======
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 {{:​workshops:​rubber_band_shooter:​511968d9ce395f7c54000000.png?​400|}} {{:​workshops:​rubber_band_shooter:​511968d9ce395f7c54000000.png?​400|}}
 +====== Arduino Code ======
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