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 +====== Mitre Saw ======
 +{{:​2017-08-14_21.45.01.jpg?​300 |}}The mitre saw, also called a chop saw or sliding compound mitre saw, is a star.  It can cut wood to any angle. 30 degrees, 32 degrees, you name it. 31...  It can cut up to 20 inches wide.  It can also be used to cut compound angles, but that feature involves tilting the saw blade, so it's infrequently used.  The mitre saw has a dedicated mitre station to provide support left and right of the saw.  Super long boards can be clamped or further supported with mobile benches. ​ Mitre saw angles aren't typically super accurate, so for fine woodworking,​ it might be best to use/make a table saw mitre sled.  This machine should be used with dust collection.
 +===== Consumables =====
 +  * 10" wood blades suitable for crosscutting
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