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Group Projects

Projects that involve many members of the Makerspace community.

Proposed future projects

Active projects

Past projects


Little Free Library

Built for Word on the Street, our members sourced mostly recycled material to build this Little Free Library near the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in 2016. It was a quick, fun built in three parts: a planning night, a build day, and an install day.

Rocket Pen

We built the Rocket Pen for a No Lathe Pen Challenge on YouTube. We deliberately chose this project to incorporate a bunch of different areas of making (electronics, laser cutting, sculpting, woodworking). Video here.

Little Inventors

NSERC funded a Little Inventors initiative, where they got kids across the country to draw a picture and description of their inventions. They then chose the top inventions and paired the kids up with makers local to them. We were paired with Mitchell, who had an idea for an umbrella that filtered rainwater into a bottle for drinking. Video here. Description and photos.

Nocturne 2016 Pavlov Lives

We were invited by Ryan Zwicker to participate in building his Nocturne project: a 10 foot tall robot sitting on a speaker wall with four smaller robot substations that would control his animations and facial expressions and capacitive touch keyboards that would control sound effects and music. We assembled most of the electronics (Raspis, Arduinos and huge DotStar panels) and etched the control panel acrylic with our laser cutter. Ryan and the rest of the team did the actual planning, building, mechanical animations (the robot kicked it's feet and wiggled it's shoulders), setup and teardown!

Nocturne 2014 Interactive Playground

Nocturne is an annual art festival that takes place on the streets of Halifax every Fall. Halifax Makerspace's project for 2014 was a playground of light and sound for adults, including a lighted seesaw and adult-sized rocking horse. An inclinometer measured the angle of the horse. The lights were adjusted based on the angle and a lighted speaker played sounds of a trot/canter/gallop based on how quickly the horse was rocking.

Nocturne 2013 Infinity Mirror

Halifax Makerspace's project for 2013 was an infinity mirror. The lights changed color if you tweeted the name of a color to our twitter account.

Projects by Individuals

Here's some of what our Makers are working on:

Adam Smith

Adam is an apprentice electrician, and is learning electronics and programming on the side. Areas of focus: Household wiring, AC theory, Arduino, PHP/MySQL

Active Projects

Hockey Goal Light

Intended to be a DIY version of the commercially available Budweiser Red Light, but better. Plays sound and activates red light when a goal is scored, in real time with live NHL games. Ability to be expanded to other leagues or sports. this is being built as a gift. More

Mock traffic light

Desktop sized mock traffic light controlled with an Arduino Mega 2560. Based on demand using sensors in the 'road' instead of a fixed timing. More

Past Projects

Spark gap tesla coil

Adam built a spark gap tesla coil while in electrical trade school in 2012. More

DC high speed motor

Also created back in trade school. Has 2 interchangeable vertical armature, one with 2 poles and the other with 3. Top speed about 3500rpm. More

Maybe someday

RGB LED controller

Amtel/Arduino powered microcontroller to control RGB LED strip lights. Controlled using IR remote, maybe serial and web as well. Fairly simple to do, just need the motivation.

Singing Tesla Coil

Maybe some day in the distant future

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