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 Maybe some day in the distant future Maybe some day in the distant future
-===== Shawn Wilson ===== 
-Shawn is a programmer by trade. ​ His interests vastly exceed the capacity of both his calendar and wallet. 
-==== Active Projects ==== 
-=== Photoshop Eyedropper Tool === 
-A meatspace version of the popular Adobe tool.  Sensor at the tip, lights up the "​glass",​ 8 segment display for the color hex code on the back. It's gone through several failed versions so far.  The cheap photoresistor/​RGB LED combo sensed color okay with reflective surfaces, but was crap for matte. ​ I have higher hopes for the Flora color sensor from Adafruit. ​ The RGB LEDs that will light up the "​glass"​ part of the Eyedropper were too difficult to fit in the casing (made of MDF, acetate and hardboard), so I'm hoping the strips of individually addressable leds will fare better, and allow some rudimentary animation. ​ Several false starts with this project. ​ I will use a Nano instead of the Uno, and I'm trying to figure out a novelty light mode, which would require wall power, so it might make sense to include a recharging circuit and LiPo instead of the 9V battery I originally planned. 
-=== Laser Harp === 
-Not sure what its final form will be, but right now, trying to use a stepper-controlled mirror to make 8 beams. ​ Hoping to make it trigger servos to rap on wine glasses and/or have a midi jack.  Stepper might need to be replaced with galvo. 
-=== Vacuum Former === 
-Not sure whether to keep it simple, using an oven to heat the plastic in the frame, or to make it more complicated,​ with a heater built-in to the unit.  I recently stopped using my toaster oven, so I may canabalize it to go with the latter. ​ I built a very small, simple former, which works well, and the frames fit in my toaster oven, so I may delay building the full-size version. 
-=== Foamy plane === 
-Delving into foam RC planes, courtesy of the Makerspace. 
-==== Past Projects ==== 
-{{ :​tardisdoor.jpg?​direct&​100|}}=== TARDIS Door === 
-Made my workshop door into a TARDIS, with light-up windows, lantern and "​Police Public Call Box" sign.  Plays the Dr. Who theme and lights the lantern when the door closes. ​ Some day I'll get around to documenting it. \\ 
-{{ :​marshmallow_toaster.jpg?​direct&​100|}}=== Rotating 3-Marshmallow Roasting Stick ===  
-Toast 3 marshmallows evenly at once.\\ 
-=== Incline-Activated Fireball Shooter === 
-Kind of dangerous, but made this for a friend.\\ 
-=== Mobile Electronics Workshop === 
-{{ :​2015-02-07_17.13.14.jpg?​200|}}Foldable,​ mobile electronics storage and bench. ​ I've been reluctant to work at the Makerspace in case I found I needed a part from home.  This mobile shop should let me keep everything together, with enough room to grow for a while. Folded, it measures about 20" x 20" x 48"​. ​ Open, it has 34 "​bays"​ for custom 4" x 4" x 18" swappable cardboard trays, plus an area for common tools/​soldering station/​bench supply. ​ I added a couple casters to this, but they broke on its maiden voyage. ​ Also, though I designed it to fit in my van vertically, I must have forgot to carry a one somewhere, because I was off by a couple inches. ​ I had to lay it on its back.   Much less mobile than I'd hoped. ​ Still works great as stationary shelves, and is mobile enough, but I might want to redesign it someday.\\ \\ 
-=== Mario Mushroom End Grain Cutting Board === 
-{{ :​glassgiant:​2014-12-18_19.17.25.jpg?​200|}}A gift for my wife, Christmas 2014.  My first cutting board, this was trickier than most end-grain boards, as they usually rely on gluing up strips of pixels. ​ Because this didn't have a repeating pattern, each pixel needed to be glued individually. ​  And because the glue dried too fast to do all 324 pixels, I had to work in 8 sections, then sand and plane each section into alignment. Huge PITA, but it turned out well.  Used jotoba, walnut, padauk, pau amarello and birch. Finished with mineral oil and beeswax. ​ I got this idea from somebody else on Instructables.\\ \\ 
-=== Pinball Playfield Rotisserie === 
-{{ :​2015-03-01_14.11.10.jpg?​200|}}A quick, cheap project that seems to have turned out well.  Made of cheap lumber and a few plumbing pieces. This was for holding and manipulating the Makerspace'​s pinball playfield as we worked on it.  Instructable:​ [[http://​​id/​Pinball-Playfield-Rotisserie/​]]. 
-==== Maybe Someday ==== 
-=== Gingery metal lathe === 
-=== CNC router === 
-=== 3D printer === 
-=== Custom charging station for my family'​s devices ===  
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