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Get checked out by a qualified member before continuing. This guide is intended as a reminder.

Printer Model: Prusa i3 MK3 with MMU2

Printer manual

Multi Material Upgrade manual

Before training or using the printer please read the manuals.

Before using any material, please familiarize yourself with procedures on getting it to stick to the print surface.

PEI print surface preparation




PETG - *Caution* PETG sticks very well to the PEI build plate (Téa: I need to double check that we aren't using the powder coated plate). A bit too well - always use a separating agent (glue stick, or Windex) - do not leave it plain after cleaning with Isopropyl alcohol.



Multi Material Printing

For information on how to prepare models for multi material printing you can check out this documentation from Prusa.

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