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  1. From a web browser on the HMS local network, go to This page is usually already up on the printer's PC.
  2. Login as user:hms, password prusaPi ← I think, I might have the password wrong
  3. If a print job is currently running, go no further. If you Connect while the printer is busy, it will reset the Prusa and kill someone's print. If the print is currently not printing:
  4. Turn on the printer and get your choice of filament ready.
  5. Make sure that octoprint is connected to the printer, using the “Connect” button on the upper left of the web page.
  6. In the lower left, upload your gcode file to octoprint. Select your file off your computer, or wherever it is.
  7. Optionally, from the power button icon in the upper left, start camera monitoring, go to the control tab to adjust what it sees, and set timelapse video parameters from the timelapse tab.
  8. Optionally, preheat the bed and extruder using controls on the temperature tab.
  9. Select your uploaded file from the list on the left, and click on the print icon. The printer should start printing your file.

You can monitor the print using the web page, or chat with “HMS Octoprint” through Telegram or through Octoprint Anywhere.

From Telegram:

  1. chat with “HMS Octoprint”
  2. locally on the Prusa PC, in the Octoprint Telegram plugin, allow your Telegram identity to perfrom certain actions. Please do not enable remote starting of prints.
  3. there are a number of commands you can “chat” at octoprint “/status” is the most common.

Use Octoprint Anywhere to watch the printer

  1. optionally create an account at to do more

The Prusa slicer can be installed on your computer. Look for it at which may lead you to

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