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The Rigid random orbit sander takes a 5“, 8-hole, hook-and-loop sandpaper disk. It's ideal for finish sanding a project. When using the sander, empty the dust bag first and empty it often. If you let it fill, the dust will back up into the sander and fill the bearing and other internal parts with dust. This is an annoying and unnecessary expense. Alternatively, you can hook up dust collection to it. When changing the sanding disk, be sure to line the holes in the pad up with the holes in the disk, and peel off the old disk carefully. Do not use 5-hole disks. Do not use adhesive disks. If you wear through a disk, replace it immediately, as continuing to use it will damage the pad.

These sanders inevitably need the bearing replaced. If you find it's rotating, rather than “randomly orbiting”, let a director know.

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