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Documenting an attempt to make the Sky Squirrel Q7 carrier boards usable.

U22, the small chip next to inductors L30 and L31 is an ST 2S08B buck regulator. Pin 1 of U22 is next to R3. It's marked with a small white dot.

Connector P1 is a likely power connector. The round hole closest to the coin cell holder is Ground. The hole with the square via is one of the voltage outputs from U22.

Input power for U22 is on pin 11. It's on the same circuit (VCC?) as one of the pins of U9, which I have not identified yet. The big inductor L32 is also connected to pin 11. So are the left-most outer pins of J3, J2, J4 and J7.

Power might come in through J8?

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