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-====== ​Jigsaw ​======+====== ​Craftsman 16" Direct Drive Scrollsaw ​====== 
 +{{ :​2017-08-18_10.43.49.jpg?​500|}} 
 +Scrollsaws are typically used in one or more of the following circumstances:​ 
 +  * Cuts are in the interior of a workpiece (holes). ​ In this case, you would typically drill a hole big enough to feed the scrollsaw blade through, then reconnect the blade, make your cut, disconnect the blade and pull it back out of the piece. 
 +  * A very clean cut is needed. ​ The scroll saw tends not to produce a lot of blowout (splintery cuts). ​ By contrast, the jig saw, which would be a comparable saw in many regards, tends to produce very rough cuts. 
 +  * Very tight curves are needed. ​ Scroll work is a science/art in and of itself. ​ A whole field of woodworking exists around scroll saws and their handtool cousins, the fret saw.  These are usually intricate, ornamental pieces. ​ A scrollsaw will cut a tigher curve than either a bandsaw or jigsaw. 
 +The manual for this tool, including directions on changing blades, is {{:​tools:​craftsman_16inch_scrollsaw.pdf|here}}. 
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