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 +====== Shop Vac ======
 +{{:​tools:​shopvac.jpg?​300 |}}The shop vac is a Husky 8 gallon/4 horsepower model. ​ Before vacuuming, ensure the correct filter is in it.  If you're vacuuming dry material, you'll need the paper filter. ​ If you're vacuuming water, you need the plastic filter. There is a large drain on the front. ​ Ensure that's closed. ​ And if you did vacuum something wet, empty it right away and leave the cover off to let it dry thoroughly. ​ Failure to do so will result in a mouldy, smelly mess.
 +If you're vacuuming sawdust and the air is suddenly hard to see through and it's difficult to breathe, you've forgotten to put the filter on!
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