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The tablesaw is one of the most useful tools in the shop, and one of the most dangerous.

Wear safety glasses. If you're tired or distracted or otherwise not at 100%, leave your table saw use for another day. Always been keenly aware of where your fingers and thumbs are when using the saw. It is easy to get inadvertently put your thumb over the spot on the wood where the blade is going to emerge. Anything you're cutting on the tablesaw should be stable. The fence, sled or mitre gauge will help you keep your work stable. Adjust the blade height to just a hair (~1/32“) over the height of what you're going to cut. This will minimize how badly you cut yourself if the worst happens. Never use the fence to cut a piece that is wider than it is deep. Doing this will cause the piece to bind, kicking it back at you. Instead, use the sled or mitre gauge with no fence. Try to position your body so it's not immediately behind the blade, so if the saw does kick back, it doesn't hit you. Try to hold the piece so that if it does kick back, it doesn't pull your hands through the blade.

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