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Tools are available to all Core members and associates. Please mention to the directors if there are tools you feel are in need of repair (and put an out of order sign on it immediately). Our tools will change all the time. If you feel we lack something we should have, let us know. We may have it stashed away or be able to get it.

Power tools in general require an introductory course before members can use them. Even then, we will just cover some basics. We strongly recommend members ease into using the more dangerous tools and spend some time watching YouTube videos about them.

Some especially technical tools require a special information session.






Misc Woodworking

* Router
* Router table
* Shop vac
* Air tools
* Dust collector
* various hand tools, measuring devices, etc.


* bench power supply
* soldering stations
* oscilloscopes
* multimeters and other bench instruments



* laser printer
* file share we have a DLink DNS-320 consumer NAS on the LAN. Ask for access. It has a static IP address of, and is named “fileshare”. There are two volumes on the crusty old hard drives, currently:

  • volume_1 - about 150GB of RAID0
  • volume_2 the remaining 80GB? of the one larger drive of the two as a simple file system, no RAID.

:!: Requires a special information session to use

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