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-Here is an //ad hoc// list of one-off treasures lying about HMS.+Here is an //ad hoc// list of one-off treasures lying about HMS. Most of them are donations from industry, and should probably be converted to cash if possible.
-* [[https://​​Minnowboard:​MinnowMax]],​ a single board Atom computer+  *  20 high quality 48V computer rack cooling fans.   
 +  ​* [[https://​​Minnowboard:​MinnowMax]],​ a single board Atom computer 
 +  * [[https://​​en/​datasheets/​xilinxinc/​xilinx-inc-ds162|Xilinx]] - 168 I/O field programmable gate array. Not much use, unless you have the programmer (a $200-ish investment). We should ebay this, and the other one. 
 +  * a collection of high quality momentary push buttons for high voltage applications.
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