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 +====== Bill Morrow (morrowwm) - Public Page ======
 +This public page ''//​user:​morrowwm.txt//'',​ as stated by it's name,  **can be read by anyone but only you can edit it** (or a superuser)...
 +  * You can introduce yourself, add links to your contributions in this wiki, tell a story or present your other works
 +  * Think about [[wp>​http://​​wiki/​Etiquette_in_technology|netiquette]] ;-)
 +  * You can't create any other page in that namespace ''//​user:​morrowwm//''​
 +  * Only a superuser can add a picture
 +Feel free to remove this paragraph (beside the title)...\\
 +Now, write something! :-D
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